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Beberapa Manfaat Membiasakan Sarapan Bagi Tubuh

Breakfast is an activity of eating and drinking that is done when you wake up in the morning until 9 o’clock to fulfill more than one daily nutritional need (15-30% of nutritional needs) in order to realize a healthy, active and productive life.

There are always many Indonesian slot depo 10k people who are not used to eating breakfast. In fact, not having breakfast will have a negative impact on the learning process at school for school children, reducing physical activity, causing obesity in teenagers and adults, and increasing the risk of unhealthy snacks.

Benefits of breakfast

On the other hand, breakfast provides the body with the nutrients needed to think, work and carry out physical activities optimally after waking up in the morning. For school children, having an adequate breakfast has been proven to increase study concentration and stamina. For teenagers and adults, having an adequate breakfast has been proven to prevent obesity. Getting used to breakfast also means getting used to getting up early and doing morning activities and preventing yourself from overeating when eating snacks or lunch.

When you wake up, the digestive process is empty and must be filled so that it can carry out various activities. Optimal and healthy energy supply is fuel that will make the body’s organs work well. Without excellent stamina, it will be difficult to concentrate and can even result in fainting. Not getting used to breakfast will encourage you to choose snacks with a dangerous high sugar content, where this type of food has the potential to increase weight and cause blood pressure to go wrong.

The importance of normal breakfast

Therefore, breakfast is one of the essential behaviors in creating balanced nutrition. It is hoped that National Breakfast Week (MESAN), which is celebrated every February 14-20, can be used as a periodic momentum every year to always remind and encourage residents to eat a healthy breakfast as part of the business of realizing Balanced Nutrition.

According to Bernatal Saragih; Professor of Food and Nutrition at Mulawarman University, Chair of the Association of Indonesian Food and Nutrition Experts in East Kalimantan in the Paper “Healthy Breakfast Before 9am to Improve Nutrition and Food Independence” states; why the breakfast program is so important, because with breakfast;

1. Keeping the body healthy and strong,
2. Increasing concentration and memory power,
3. Improving learning achievement,
4. Preventing random snacks, and
5. Training patience and togetherness,
6. Not eating breakfast, giving birth to a generation that is weak, susceptible to illness and the future is bleak.

Types of breakfast food

A healthy breakfast every morning can be achieved by waking up early, preparing and consuming food and drinks in the morning before going about your daily activities. A good breakfast consists of carbohydrate foods, side dishes, vegetables or fruit and drinks. For people who don’t usually eat morning snacks and afternoon snacks, the portion of food at breakfast is approximately one third of the total food a day. For people who usually eat morning snacks and afternoon snacks, the quantity of breakfast portions should be a quarter of the daily diet.

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